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About filmfonds vzw

Filmfonds vzw is a Belgian organization that focuses on financing art films and videographic projects with artists in the BeNeLux. It was founded by the private sector, which is "all too happy to see something different". This initiative is for and by critical art lovers, who have a passion for films and video art.

Filmfonds vzw is based in Antwerp and has deliberately chosen this location because of the rich cultural history of the city and its thriving art scene. Filmfonds vzw has its own materials, production team and location and regularly starts new projects. This allows them to guarantee the quality of their projects and to ensure that each project is unique.

The process of choosing the projects begins with artists' scripts being read by an expert jury. Filmfonds vzw also often offers volunteers the opportunity to learn on (art) film sets. This gives them the opportunity to improve their skills and learn from the experience of the professionals.

In addition to financing art projects, Filmfonds vzw also offers workshops, so that everyone has the opportunity to learn about the film industry and how it works. The organization also acts as an advisory function for advertising agencies, government communications and even major Hollywood productions.

Filmfonds vzw is an organization dedicated to promoting art in the BeNeLux. By financing art projects, workshops and advising other organisations, Filmfonds vzw ensures that artists can express their creativity and that the art world can continue to grow. If you are an art lover and interested in film and video art, Filmfonds vzw is definitely an organization to keep an eye on.

Endless thanks go to our sponsors, regular partners and lenders from all over Europe.

Filmfonds vzw 
has been made possible by these private lenders.

We currently do not have any permanent partner agreements.

We make a film together

Filmfonds vzw exists to help artists realize their creative vision. We provide financing, production support and presales to generate revenue. Our team is always there for you and we strive for success for your project. Contact us and let us bring your artwork to life!


The presale of your script, to distributors to make an appointment.


Making sure there is bread on the shelves for the crew, cast and other busy bees. Cover variations in costs.


Have everyone on board and make sure everything is handled correctly.

Become a lender

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William Prior

“Films are increasingly the same cupcake. Who actually still likes that? Let's make a difference with Kunstfilm Vlaanderen."

Gill Domen

"It is urgently time for different cinema in Flanders. At Vogue you learn that the world can be anything but boring, to make it international."

Mike Langhouse

“As a proud Belgian, I haven't watched any television for 20 years. Soap operas, films and media - and their viewers - miss that famous art sparkle enormously.”
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