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Donate to filmfonds vzw

Making a movie can cost money, a lot of money. We let our partners, sponsors and monthly membership fee payers each decide for themselves how they would like to participate in art film productions. Not everyone has thousands of euros available, but it is often a small donation at regular moments that helps the most. Thanks in advance for your help.

One-time or recurring


With your one-time or regular contribution you help us to expand our range of art films and to increase the visibility of these films



Become a partner of and work with us on specific productions, such as art films, workshops or educational programs. 

As a partner you benefit from visibility on our website and at our events, and you connect your brand to an organization that is committed to cultural and artistic innovation.

Brand or company related


As a sponsor you connect your brand or company to and support us in achieving our objectives.


In exchange for your financial support, we offer your attribution, visibility on our communication channels and the opportunity to promote your products or services to our audience.

By becoming a financier, you contribute to the success of and you help us to make a difference in the Flemish film world. You not only support the creation and distribution of unique and groundbreaking films, but you also help to strengthen a community of film and art lovers in Flanders.

Thank you for listing yourself as a lender. We will call you shortly and let you know by e-mail about the possibilities for support.


Become a volunteer

that helps everyone.

Do you have a passion for film and do you want to contribute to the promotion of art films in Flanders? Then consider becoming a volunteer at Kunstfilm Vlaanderen.​

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