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What the jury does

Step 1 Art film?

A designated jury will take your script home to read it at their leisure. The judge goes through it page by page, scene by scene to determine if in his/her opinion it qualifies as an art film.

Which jury member reads your film depends on his/her choice from the list of available art film scripts names, subjects and synopsis that you provide us.

Step 2 For the 'larger' public?

We check whether the public has artistic experience with this. The intention ultimately remains whether or not we are doing art film by producing this script. The experience of art lies with the viewer.

We ask ourselves questions such as "Does the viewer have a new spark of thought after this?"

"Has the public experienced something that they also place under art?"

Step 3 Buddy system

We are now going to test the script selected for the first time with another jury member of Kunstfilm Vlaanderen. We go through step 1 and step 2 for a 2nd time. 

This is how we form a firm opinion. Based on the different opinions, we will decide at our meeting (often online and/or offline at our art film studio) which script is appropriate for the season. 

Step 4 Close deal

You will be informed of your selection and will discuss a clear agreement between you and Kunstfilm Vlaanderen. If you can come to an interesting deal here for all parties, then you have a team to work with towards the sale, financing and production of your script.

You will also be notified if your script did not make it this time.

Step 5 Production 

We get to work and work on turning your script into an art film. We often conclude our work with you by organizing a cinema evening. Your performance can take place in a cinema or at our studio/atelier. This is a special moment to show your film to friends, family or just anyone who feels like it.

After production, your film will go into distribution, and we hope for one great success. Or not, because not every art film is made to be a success, right?

So wait and see, from step 1 to special local or international success.
MOVIE TITLE + AUTHOR in .pdf file

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